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In the world of private aviation, Fly Epic is a game-changer, offering the unparalleled luxury of private jet travel at incredibly accessible prices. As they sought to take their business to new altitudes, I had the privilege to work on several facets of their brand. From developing a captivating logo and sophisticated App UI & UX to crafting a seamless investor-ready pitch deck, my focus was to encapsulate the essence of Fly Epic—exclusivity, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

The Opportunity

While the private jet industry is saturated with companies offering bespoke services, Fly Epic discovered a unique opportunity: to democratize private jet travel without sacrificing luxury or environmental responsibility. However, despite their groundbreaking approach to pricing and eco-efficiency, Fly Epic faced challenges in effectively communicating these unique selling propositions to a diverse clientele. They also needed to make a compelling case for investment, in a market often skeptical about the marriage of luxury and affordability.

The Solution

My approach was two-fold: First, the app’s UI/UX was designed with simplicity at its core, aiming to make the booking experience as straightforward as possible for a wide array of users. Then, for the graphic design elements, I employed a minimalist but luxe aesthetic to align with the brand’s identity of sophisticated affordability. The logo—clean, modern, and versatile—was crafted to appeal to the diverse customer base while encapsulating Fly Epic’s commitment to efficient and sustainable travel. 

Lastly, the pitch deck was strategically designed to tell Fly Epic’s compelling story, focusing on their innovative solutions for pricing and environmental efficiency, setting them apart as an irresistible investment opportunity. All these elements work in unison to elevate Fly Epic as the go-to solution for affordable, eco-friendly, and luxurious private jet travel.

"One of the most admirable aspects of Daniel's work is his versatility. Whether given a blank canvas or a precisely defined vision, he has the uncanny ability to either craft something genuinely unique from scratch or to perfectly encapsulate and bring to life the ideas conveyed to him."

Owner / Fly Epic

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