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Asterian is not just a diagnostic lab software provider; it’s a revolutionary force in the healthcare industry. With more than 30 years of lab experience, proprietary software like Argolims, and a clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies, Asterian has demonstrated its prowess in crafting tailored solutions for diverse laboratory needs. The company played a pivotal roll during the Covid-19 pandemic, where they were instrumental in deploying large-scale solutions to labs in dire need of efficiency and adaptability.

The Opportunity

Despite their technological advancements and significant impact, Asterian faced a common but severe issue that besets the healthcare sector: dated and underwhelming designs. Given that aesthetics and user experience have become increasingly important, the company needed a brand and UI/UX makeover to not only modernize but also to maintain a sense of innovation and relevance. There was also the challenge of creating a unified yet flexible user experience across their range of lab solutions and mobile applications.

The Solution

Addressing these challenges head-on, I reinvigorated Asterian’s brand identity with a fresh color pallet and comprehensive graphic design elements that conveyed innovation and approachability. The WordPress website underwent a transformation, aligning it with the brand’s renewed identity while implementing a seamless, intuitive user experience. Mobile app designs and UI/UX for various lab solutions were also revamped to reflect a unified, up-to-date look that stands out in the healthcare industry. The end result?¬†Asterian now owns a suite of products with designs that are as advanced and adaptive as the solutions they offer, positioning them to keep pioneering in a sector that needs it the most.

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